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What Tantric Sex?

This weeks question came from one of my Tajahi Secrets Facebook Fans

Is that Tantric and Kama Sutra stuff real?

Girl…. Yes!!!!!
Both of these subjects are broad and I could talk forever answering them so I will touch on Tantric Sex on this blog and deal with the Kama Sutra (positions and techniques) on the next. 

What is Tantra?

Tantra originated in ancient India; its focus is on the enjoyment of sexual bliss through intimacy; the attention is on totally and spiritually connecting with your partner.

“Tantra is an ancient path of self-development that regards sexual energy as the primary manifestation of our life force.  This life force is a powerful current of energy that flows through us all…  Through Tantra, you can experience love and sex as a flowing together of energies”…. Cassandra Lorius

Tantra is a deep spiritual intimate endeavor, so I am going to give you my quick very non-mystic version of how I understand it. 

Tantric Sex is the essence of turning sex into a full body and total mind conscious experience.  Tantra teaches you to feel more sensual and connected, not only to yourself but to your partner, by taking the focus away from your sex organs… I know… what???  Don’t we want to focus our energy on the organs???  According to the Tantra, by focusing our energy away from the genitals, relaxing, relinquishing control and changing your erotic and sexual habits; you will bring that energy back in a more focused and meaningful way. 

Tantra takes the sexual techniques and various positions of the Kama Sutra a step further and focuses on a couple’s spiritual ecstasy with sensual and sexual bliss.  It is about the total surrender of mental, emotional, and cultural conditioning (i.e. Sex is a sin before marriage, I don’t want the kids to hear me have sex, or negative self body image).  Sexual energy is a totally positive experience and not something that should be suppressed. This means giving up every negative thought you have ever had about intimacy… and totally giving yourself to the moment.

Tantra teaches us ways to enter into a new awareness; we become more sexually empowered, more sexually fulfilled and the extended orgasms that both you and your man will experience in this state are mind blowingly explosive. 

Some of the basic Tantra Techniques are:

Start intimacy with a ritual:  This is your time to totally focus on each other; you can make up your own rituals but if you can’t think of anything try feeding each other sweet treats in the nude, share a glass of wine, or take a shower and bathe each other.  Take your time, enjoy being in the presence of each other, empty your mind of everything, and stay totally in the moment right there with your man. 

Breathing:  Sit quietly, facing each other, gazing into each other’s eyes. Sync your breathing with your man by taking soft deep breaths.  Totally focus on your partner and the peace you are feeling while allowing your sexual energy to build. 

Prolonged foreplay: It is important to totally connect with your partner with sensual massage, long loving gazes, light kisses (I love those), and whispering words of love and encouragement.  Experiment with different types of erotic touch, tell your man where you would like to be touched, take turns so he can tell you where he would like to be touched as well.  Totally focusing on helping each other feel loved and desired. 

Keep your pace slow: The slow build will help your man control his orgasm. The longer you build your sexual energy the longer your man should be able to resist having ejaculation during intimacy.

Come back to your breathing:  Slow focused breathing, slows the process of you reaching orgasm and allows your focus to be in the moment enjoying the feel of your man as he enjoys you.

Try different sexual positions:  Exploring during sex adds to the pleasure and balances both the male and female energies.  Try positions that are Male dominant as well as positions that are Female dominant, exploring the capacity to be both strong then gentle, giving then receiving.  (I will go more in depth about female and male dominant positions in the next blog)

When experimenting with the Tantra do not worry about the right and wrong of what you and your partner are doing… the focus should always be on the intimate connection and sexual arousal between you and your man.

Through Tantric practices, men are capable of orgasm without ejaculation.  What does that mean???  It allows men to stay erect and have a series of mini orgasms without ejaculation/releasing sperm, which prolongs the intimacy… How do we women benefit from this?  Well if he can have is his mini orgasms he can stay hard longer while we orgasm through G-spot and Clitoral stimulation.  The Tantra encourages men to have orgasms with out ejaculation while it encourage us women to orgasm as many times as possible. 

There is so much more to be said about the Tantra and it is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a more sensual and loving experience with your partner.  I am including more Tantra resource links below.  

Next week we will discuss the Kama Sutra…  Juicy Stuff Ladies…  Until then HAVE GREAT SEX.  Smooches…

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