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Can a man with a small penis satisfy you?

It had been a while since I had seen my friends Leah and Sandy.  We used to hang out all the time during college but life happened and our friendship began to become distant.  Leah suggested we all attend a basketball game together.  After the game we decided to come back to my house to catch up on our lives.  As we sat and talked, I found our discussion being similar to conversations I have had with other women in regards sexual dissatisfaction with their men. 

The three largest complaints are:
1.             Lack of Penis Length
2.             Lack of Penis Girth
3.             Men who cum to quick   

Two things I have found in my conversations with women is that many of us are:
1.             Scared to offend our men by telling them we are not satisfied 
2.             Scared that we will hurt our men’s egos if we suggest toys, positions, books, or natural supplements

It all comes down to communication… If we don’t talk to our men about our desires and our sexual dissatisfaction, how will they know?  Men can’t read our minds, if you don’t tell him how you feel and what you like, he will think you are fine.  Ladies!!!!!  If your man really loves you, he will want to satisfy you, so sit him down and tell him what you need.  Today we are going to address the penis size issue… don’t worry… I will address the other concerns listed above, including how to talk to your man, in future consecutive blogs. 

Ok ladies… I am not a supporter of drugs to increase the length or girth of a penis.  You have no idea what is in those drugs and what adverse affects those drugs can have later, so let’s rule those out now.  If it isn’t a natural supplement I would not touch it.

A small penis is not always as bad as some women may think.  Honestly, I have experienced the “small penis dilemma” most women complain about; I found the sex to be very pleasurable for two reasons:
1.             I really liked this guy, we had a good emotional connection.
2.             Due to his size, he was able to hit my G-spot.  

The Kama Sutra classifies a man with a smaller penis size as a “Hare” and has several positions that a “Hare” can use with his woman to sexually satisfy her.
Men and women have 3 different size categories:
Lady Tajahi's Size Categories from the Kama Sutra

For the female
1.             Deer
2.             Mare
3.             Elephant
For the male
1.             Hare
2.             Bull
3.             Horse (Stallion)
A man is a Hare if his penis is less than 6 finger widths in size.  If this is your man there are several sexual positions you can both try to heighten your sexual pleasure.

A few Positions for the Hare male:
The first position is one I really enjoy; it is called the Second Posture. (Clicking the link will give you a detailed description of the position as well as well as a few images)  You lay on your back, open your legs and lift them above your head; as your man begins to enter you, lift your hips off the bed slightly.  I bare some of my weight on my mans hips so there is no strain on my back.  This allows for deeper penetration, which is good for a “Hare” male but is also good for women who like it a little deeper. 

The Third Posture is another very pleasurable position that is good for deeper penetration.  Have your man kneel between your legs, then have him lift one of your legs onto his shoulder and place the other one under his arm or curl it around his back.  Penetration in this position can be exceptionally deep so it is important ladies that we be very aroused before attempting this one.  (Again clicking the link above will give you a more detailed explanation as well as an image for reference.)

The last position is one we have all tried called the Sixth & Ninth Postures or Doggy Style.  This type of rear entry is good for deep penetration, leaving your mans hands free to caress your back, breasts or even your clit.  Variations of this position can be done with your mans legs inside or outside of your own legs.  The Antelope Position, another variation of the doggy style, which can be done with you kneeling on the floor leaning over the seat area of your couch, using your arms for support, and opening your legs wide.  You can also do this standing and leaning over the kitchen counter, bathroom sink or dining room table.  Ladies, since your hands are free in this position take advantage of it and stimulate your own clit to increase your pleasure.  

These are just a few positions you can try to help you with your “Hare” male.  I suggest picking up a copy of the K*I*S*S Guide to the Kama Sutra or something similar with images where you can view other positions to assist you with your “Hare” male.  I have found all these positions to be very pleasurable regardless of the size of my man…. so try them all. 

Side Note:
It is important to be aroused as well as comfortable when trying these positions.  If you experience pain in any these positions ask your man to slow down and if the pain persists you should stop and try another position.  Sometimes women experience pain because they aren’t aroused enough or lubricated; I suggest trying a lubricant from Adam & Eve to assist you when you aren’t wet enough. 

If you have any suggestions for how to have great sex with a “Hare” male, please share them with us in a comment.  In the meantime, HAVE GREAT SEX LADIES and I will talk with you again next week.

“...Claim It”

Lady Tajahi –

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