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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fellatio / Blow Job Basics

Tajahi's Secrets

On my way to meet a client, I get a phone call from my friend Gina…  “Taj, look….” she pauses for a minute, “My boyfriend wants me to…  you know… play in his lap…. and I just don’t want to, I just don’t enjoy it.  Every time I try it hurts my jaws and it takes him forever to cum.  I mean… I want to please him but I… I guess I just need some help.” 

Gina isn’t alone… there are a lot of women who don’t really enjoy fellatio and are just going through the motions to please their men or they have given up and are not doing it all…  The first thing I ask them is, “where are you doing it?” When a woman complains about her jaws hurting it is usually because she is in an awkward position… Porn stars make it look good and they make it look easy, but since we aren’t all porn stars performing for the camera we need to talk about your position. 

The Position:
There are many different positions you can perform Fellatio in but I have found that if you sit your man on the couch and you kneel in front him, between his knees, you are at a good angle to reduce some of the stress on your jaws as well as your neck.  This position gives you total control so you don’t have to worry about your man pushing beyond your limits.  You can rest your arms on his knees, thighs or stomach but I prefer that my hands are an active part of what I do, but I will come back to that later.   

Getting Started:
I always start with soft kisses on the stomach, then the base of his penis and then up his shaft to the tip… watch his penis jump as your kisses tease him.  Then from there you start the “make it wet” process.  His penis should be hard and erect but if it is isn’t, stand it up in front of you and use your tongue to lick from the top of his balls to the tip of his head.  Make it fun, look into his eyes, moan a little and pay attention to the expressions on his face.  If he is enjoying your tongue play, continue to tease him with that for a minute or so.  After this, take his head into your mouth and go down on his penis as far as is comfortable for you…. again remember you are making it wet so the more saliva you produce the easier it is on your jaws.  Don’t try to hold your saliva in your mouth, it is ok to let it drip, most men love this and this will make it easier for YOU to perform fellatio on your guy.  

You don’t have to Suck:
Some women think that you have to actually “suck” his penis but this isn’t true, men just like the feeling of your mouth on their penis and the motion of you moving their penis in and out of your mouth.  I like to keep him guessing… I never give steady strokes with my mouth… I switch between several deep bobs of my head to a few shallow ones, always keeping my tongue twirling around the front tip of his head.   

Making the “O”:
If my goal is to make him cum and he has not in the first few minutes, I will use my fingers to compensate.  I take my first finger and place it against my thumb and make an “O”, again keeping his penis very wet with my saliva, I slide my fingers, in this “O” formation, up and down his penis tightly as I suck.  Sometimes I will just play with his head, sucking only the tip while my fingers continue to stroke his shaft.  Don’t be scared to make some slurping sounds, I like to get a little sloppy with it.  Alternating between everything I have listed above, always keeping your tongue twirling on and around the front of his head, usually will make a man cum within five minutes.

Know your man:
If you know your man wipes out easily, meaning once he cums he’s done, don’t let him cum.  There is nothing worse than being hot and ready and your man is ready to go to sleep.  You can use oral sex as a means of getting started only and save his cum for the good stuff.  Pay attention to the signs your man gives, listen to his sounds as well as what his penis is doing while you suck it.  When you begin to feel his penis give off little vibrations it means he is enjoying your work and is close to cumming. 

Dip it:
Now let say your man doesn’t cum while you suck his dick no matter what you do but you want him to cum while sucking him.  Go ahead and have sex but tell your man that when he gets ready to cum you want him to take it out and cum in your mouth.  This takes some good timing.  If the man waits too late he could miss your mouth and make a mess of your hair but I have found that men like this and I find it rather erotic.  A bonus to doing this is most men will normally stay hard after their orgasm, which will allow you to keep going until he cums again…. I can just imagine all the pleasure you are having while he works up his next orgasm.

Tajahi’s Secret Tips: 

Some women say that they don’t enjoy the taste of their mans penis… it does just taste like skin in the beginning.  I like to sprinkle a little Honey Dust on and around his penis, it gives him a slightly sweet smell and taste, he will like the tickle of the feather duster as you apply the dust and he will love it when you begin to suck it off.  

Swallowing… for those of you who say they don’t want to swallow or would rather spit it out because they don’t like the taste… spitting it out is never the answer… when your man is cumming, take his penis as deep as possible into your mouth and hold it there.  As soon as your man cums begin to swallow and continue to swallow until he is done.  The taste buds on the back of your tongue are less sensitive and cannot detect the, sometimes, bitter taste of semen.  Where as if you spit it out, you let the semen hit the front of your tongue and the front of your tongue hold the more sensitive tastes buds and they pick up that bitter taste which can be just… ugh… Swallow it ladies, it tastes better that way and your man will love you for it. 

Side note:
Ladies look… it is very important that you enjoy what you are doing… I can give you all the advice in the world but if you don’t enjoy what you are doing my advice isn’t going to help.   Knowing that what I am doing is arousing my man arouses me.  I like it when I perform fellatio and my man holds my hair for me.  I love hearing his moans, taking in his scent and feeling the smooth skin of his penis against my lips.  I love to see my man squirm because he is enjoying what I am doing, all that turns me on.  It is important that you enjoy it… put on something comfortable and sexy.  Wear your favorite cologne, set the mood with soft music…. Feel Good!