Monday, October 11, 2010


Tajahi’s Secrets
is to allow adult women the ability to have an overall healthier sex life and experiences that are more pleasurable with their intimate partners. I have gathered information about sexual topics, issues, and accomplishment from women of diverse backgrounds, ages, and relationship status'. Tajahi's Secrets will provide an open forum for women to discuss their challenges, find solutions, let go of sexual hang ups and we will assist each other in getting past self-limiting thought processes that can limit sexual enjoyment. We will also discuss new and different ways to enhance your sexual pleasure.

My role is to give advice on sexual matters in an open discussion where women in the group, as well as on the blog, can discuss solutions or helpful tips. This is your opportunity to ask questions in a comfortable setting as well as share your experiences. The blog provides the ability to make comments and ask questions anonymously; I understand that anonymity is important.   I will also discuss the topics & questions with a panel of men to also get their advice in these matters. (Men will not be at the meetings and will be consulted after each meeting)

The initial group has already found these discussions to be beneficial when discussing intimacy with their partners.  The goal of Tajahi’s Secrets is for all women to have healthier, more pleasurable sexual experiences.   I do not claim to be a sexual therapist or certified doctor; I (Tajahi) am a woman who has found that many women have sexual issues and hope to provide a forum to help women feel more comfortable with themselves in order to enhance their sexual experiences.

If anyone would like to submit questions for the upcoming Party for Tajahi's Secrets, email them to

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